our story

Our mission at WC is to provide high quality beauty and cosmetic products at affordable prices. Securing the bag is hard enough already, so we understand that being bougie on a budget is key.

Wong Cosmetics was created in 2014 by Vanessa Wong, shortly after her appearance on international singing competition "La Voz Kids," as a way to help her parents fund for her music career even further.She displayed the products on her YouTube channel through tutorials at age 15 and furthered her knowledge of the beauty industry.


 In 2018 Vanessa also participated on American Idol, earning herself a golden ticket and a run all the way through Hollywood Week. Vanessa has been able to combine her love for music and makeup on her Instagram, posting covers wearing full faced glam and displaying her love for the beauty industry through partnerships, IGTV videos and more. 

The rebranding of Wong Cosmetics comes from a place of passion, and wanting the business to have a fresh look and feel.

We hope you love it all as much as we do!


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