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Mystic Jewel Brushes

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$15.19Sale Price

A beautiful set to complete your "mystic" collection, these brushes will make you feel like they were handmade to fit your fabulousness. With their beautifully gradient handles, carved to a diamond-like perfection, there's just no way you can scroll past them.

  • More Information

    A set of 7 multi-use brushes. Each brush can be used according to preference, for example, the rounded eye brushes can be used for the crease, and for diffusing and blending color on the lid. The pencil brush can be used for inner corner, highlighting or countouring. The flatter brushes are ideal for packing on color on the lid, and the face brushes are ideal for blush, contouring, highlighting and blending. 

  • Care Instructions

    Clean regularly. Store after use.